March 2019

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Get ready for an all-new DOT!

With a fresh look and streamlined functionality, the Dental Office Toolkit® (DOT) will change how you run day-to-day office operations. The new DOT hits provider offices this summer!

Some new DOT features include the ability to:

  • Set your home office as the default for each session
  • Toggle between different offices and members
  • Search comprehensive family claims history across all businesses
  • Manage user roles and permissions for your office staff

Why use DOT?

Delta Dental’s Dental Office Toolkit is an online tool that empowers provider offices to perform day-to-day tasks such as submitting claims, looking up member benefits and updating office information—all without having to call customer service. This saves you valuable time and lets you address needs faster.

Now is a great time to get started in DOT—we’re creating training videos, how-to guides and other resources to help your office get set up for success. Be on the lookout for those resources in the coming months.

Where can I learn more?

Whether you’re a longtime user or new to DOT, we’re here to help! Check out the promo below to see what’s in store.

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Important update on procedure codes

Effective March 8, Delta Dental updated our process in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana for receipt of claims where a dental office has submitted certain procedures on anterior, posterior, primary or permanent teeth, but has used the incorrect CDT procedure code.

Previously, when claims with certain incorrect CDT procedure codes were received, the system applied a correction. However, depending on the claim, it was not always accurate. To improve claims accuracy, Delta Dental will reject the following incorrect procedure codes back to the dental office with a policy that explains the rejection:

  • D2330, D2331, D2332, D2335 and D2390 (anterior resin-based composite restorations): when submitted for composite restorations performed on posterior teeth
  • D2391, D2392, D2393 and D2934 (posterior resin-based composite restorations): when submitted for composite restorations performed on anterior teeth
  • D2930 and D2934 (stainless steel crown for primary teeth): when submitted for crown procedures performed on permanent teeth
  • D2931 (stainless steel crown for permanent teeth): when submitted for crown procedures performed on primary teeth

Going ahead, please carefully review claims before submitting them, and make sure that you use the correct CDT procedure codes that correspond to the exact teeth and tooth surfaces of the procedures for which you’re requesting benefit payment.

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Participation required in annual trainings

As a reminder, all Delta Dental network participating dentists are required to complete Medicare Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA), Compliance and Cultural Competency Training once each calendar year. This requirement is stipulated in your network participation agreement regardless of whether you treat patients who are Medicaid or Medicare Advantage participants.

Once training is completed, one person in the practice must acknowledge completion of the training for the business entity by completing the Training Acknowledgment Form. Training is tracked by the business tax identification number (TIN) used to submit claims to Delta Dental.

To find the training modules and acknowledgment form, visit the Dental Office Toolkit or

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Help a loved one attend college

College tuition can be costly, but a benefit available to Delta Dental PPOSM participating dentists and their staff can help ease the burden for children, stepchildren, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or godchildren.

Through SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards through Delta Dental of Indiana, eligible dentists and staff can earn Tuition Rewards points that represent a guaranteed minimum discount equivalent to $1, with a maximum discount of up to one year’s tuition spread equally over four years of undergraduate, full-time education at one of SAGE’s participating colleges.

  • Delta Dental PPO participating dentists earn 5,000 points per year, per contracted dentist.
  • Staff at participating Delta Dental PPO offices earn 3,000 points per year, per staff member.

Points are not awarded retroactively; you start earning points when you complete your enrollment. Colleges reserve the right to include Tuition Rewards as part of other institutional awards.

This opportunity costs you nothing! Learn more, register and review applicable restrictions at With questions, email or call 888-240-1414.

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Delta Dental is building brighter futures

Delta Dental of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana is known for its superior dental benefits, but the company is also committed to making a difference in the communities it serves.

Together with the Delta Dental Foundation, ongoing support of mobile dental coaches, dental clinics, food insufficiency programs, neighborhood revitalization projects, and much more are helping to build brighter futures.

In 2018, 627 employees donated 1,515 volunteer hours; and in 2019, Delta Dental and the Delta Dental Foundation are expected to invest nearly $7 million in community initiatives that build healthy, smart, vibrant communities. 

Watch the video below to see how Delta Dental of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana and its employees are making a difference in our state.

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Mission of Mercy coming up in Indiana

The Indiana Dental Association Foundation will hold a Mission of Mercy (IndianaMOM) event this May with help from the Delta Dental Foundation (DDF).

The DDF made a $25,000 contribution to the event, which is scheduled for May 17 and 18 in Fort Wayne. IndianaMOM provides an opportunity for low- to moderate-income uninsured individuals to receive important dental care. The event increases awareness of the connection between regular dental care and overall health to the general public, policymakers and legislators. Additionally, IndianaMOM promotes and advocates for long-term solutions that provide quality dental care for all of Indiana’s citizens.

This year, IndianaMOM is expected to provide $1 million in needed dental care to approximately 1,200 individuals. The DDF has previously supported IndianaMOM in both 2015 and 2017.

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Quarterly update mailings

As a reminder, all participating dentists will receive quarterly (four times a year) mailings asking you to confirm dental office information or to make corrections or additions as needed. Failure to notify Delta Dental of any changes is a violation of your participation agreement. All offices are required to return the letters, regardless of whether there are changes. These quarterly audits help us provide accurate directory listings, and timely and accurate claims processing. For faster service, please call provider records at 800-656-6495 for correct forms and any required documentation to add a provider to your location.

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