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Delta Dental Benefit Plans

Delta Dental offers dentists the flexibility of participating with one or more of our products. According to several surveys, dentists in Indiana rate Delta Dental as the #1 dental carrier in the state, much higher than our competitors.

Delta Dental Premier

Delta Dental Premier is a standard fee-for-service program. Dentists submit their usual fees for each service rendered, and participating dentists are reimbursed directly based on our maximum approved fee. Nationwide, Delta Dental covers more than 56 million people actively seeking treatment from participating dentists. 

FAQs About Participation With Delta Dental Premier


Delta Dental PPO

Delta Dental PPO is a preferred provider organization program. Participating dentists agree to provide care to Delta Dental PPO enrollees at reduced fees, creating savings for enrollees and lower rates for groups. As the popularity of Delta Dental PPO programs increases with employers, dentists who participate with Delta Dental PPO may see a marked increase of patients who want to go to a participating dentist. In addition, the Delta Dental PPO contract includes participation with Delta Dental Patient Direct.

Delta Dental PPO (Point-of-Service) combines the characteristics of Delta Dental Premier and Delta Dental PPO into one flexible program. Enrollees who choose not to go to a Delta Dental PPO participating dentist are automatically covered by Delta Dental Premier, and payment is based on the dentist's participation status with Delta Dental Premier.

Delta Dental EPO

Delta Dental EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization) is a fee-for-service program. Payment for treatment is based on a fee schedule and member copayments. Delta Dental EPO participating dentists are reimbursed on the basis of the member copayment amount and the lesser of the submitted fee or Delta Dental’s maximum fee allowance, as payment in full when treating eligible Delta Dental EPO patients. Total payment will not exceed Delta Dental’s maximum approved fee allowance.

FAQs About Participation With Delta Dental EPO

Delta Dental Patient Direct

Delta Dental Patient Direct is a discount card program based on the Delta Dental PPO fee schedule. For a low annual membership fee, individuals and families can receive discounted fees when they go to a participating dentist. It is not an insurance or reimbursement plan; participating dental offices collect all fees from Delta Dental Patient Direct members and do not file claims.

FAQs About Participation With Delta Dental Patient Direct