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Special Promotions

Save BIG with Special Offers for Delta Dental Participating Dentists Only!

Delta Dental is dedicated to providing great service and benefits to our participating dentists. These value-added benefits can help your practice save money on services and products you already use.

We have made special arrangements with a number of companies for discounts on products and services for dentists who participate with one or more Delta Dental programs. Current discounts and promotions include:


Offers for Delta Dental PPO Participating Dentists Only

Offers for All Delta Dental Participating Dentists


Discounted Lab Fees (Delta Dental PPO only)


Delta Dental has partnered with Sharp Dental Lab to provide Delta Dental PPO participating dentists with exclusive discount pricing on their laboratory needs. Delta Dental PPO dentists who wish to use Sharp Dental Lab1 may access this exclusive pricing for ALL patients in their practice. Other preferred benefits include free shipping, maximum 12 business-day turnaround, and a 100 percent money-back guarantee2 on all products.

Sharp Dental Lab is a full-service national dental laboratory that has provided high quality products for over 65 years. Located and fully-operated in Livonia, Michigan, Sharp uses only FDA-approved materials, and is also part of the Identalloy program. With a remake factor of less than 3 percent2, Sharp Dental Lab is confident in its ability to provide customer satisfaction.

Pricing Comparison for Delta Dental PPO Dentists
(partial list)
Delta Dental
Crown & Bridge* Semi-Precious PFM
$149 plus metal
$109 plus metal
High-Noble PFM
$149 plus metal
$112 plus metal
Cosmetic Empress Laminate $150 $134 11%
Empress Crown $200 $134 33%
Porcelain to Zirconia
Removable Sharp 1 Denture
Sharp 1 Partial
Orthodontic Upper or Lower Hawley
Band and Loop
Invisible Retainer
(per arch)
*Per unit pricing
GENERAL NOTES: Prices rounded to the nearest dollar. Pricing valid as of 1/1/17 and is subject to change. All discounted services listed may not be a covered benefit through the patient's group Delta Dental plan.
For more information and a FREE starter kit, contact Tabitha Hans from Sharp Dental Lab at 866-525-1070.
1 This discount program is strictly optional. Delta Dental PPO dentists are free to use any lab they wish.
2 Original restoration/prostheses must be returned to Sharp Dental Lab for offer to apply.
3 Industry standard—10 percent.

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Language Interpretation Services (PPO only)

Language Line puts your patients at ease by allowing you to explain complicated dental procedures or billing information in the language they understand best—their own.

As a participating Delta Dental PPO dentist, you are eligible to receive a 35 percent discount off regular pricing. Discounted interpretation services are billed at $2.69 per minute. Charges begin when the interpreter joins the call and end when the caller hangs up the phone. You will only be charged for the services you use and there are no monthly or minimum usage fees.

Ready to start saving? Sign up for your Language Line discount program here.

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Entertainment Discounts (PPO only)

Purchase discounted tickets to select performances of some of the hottest Broadway shows at Wharton Center, Michigan’s largest performing arts venue. In addition, you can gain access to some of the best seats before the general public. Visit our discount page on the Wharton Center's website to buy tickets. (Password DELTADENTAL).

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Medical Gas (PPO only)

Airgas Puritan is offering to reduce the current expense of medical gas for a dental practice by seven percent across the board—guaranteed. Your new price will be locked in for 12 months and future increases will be capped at four percent. All costs are reduced—gas, tank rental and delivery fees! Access this discount through Dental Office Deals.*

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Office Supplies (PPO only)

Every dental office purchases office supplies. Staples can help reduce this expense by more than 40 percent on average. With access to hundreds of products and online ordering, overhead expense, purchase time and inconvenience can be reduced. Access this discount through Dental Office Deals.*

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Payroll Services (PPO only)

Calculating payroll is a time consuming process which offers many opportunities for errors. We have two premier service providers of payroll service—ADP and Paychex—both of which offer a 20 percent discount off standard rates. Consider the peace of mind they offer and the opportunity to focus on direct patient care. Access this discount through Dental Office Deals.*

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Shipping Services (PPO only)

FedEx is offering steep discounts for overnight shipping (52 percent) and ground service (35 to 47 percent). Convert your existing account or open a new account. Discounts like these are normally available to only high volume shippers! Access this discount through Dental Office Deals.*

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Water Delivery (PPO only)

Nestle Waters is offering commercial water service to dental practices at a 60 percent discount! All three water products—spring water, purified water and distilled water—are available, plus coolers. Make the highest quality water available to your patients and staff. Access this discount through Dental Office Deals.*

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Cellular Phone Service (PPO only)

Participating Delta Dental dentists can receive a 24 percent discount on monthly AT&T cellular phone service by enrolling through Dental Office Deals. AT&T is offering this discount to Delta Dental participating dentists who register with the Dental Office Deals program. This is the same plan that AT&T offers major hospitals, so you are receiving some of the best pricing in the medical industry with no cost for enrollment.

Discounts will be applied to all phones listed on the subscriber’s account and cover service plans for minutes, data and text messaging. Certain exclusions do apply, such as no discounts for additional line charges, but the 24 percent discount applies to all covered services and can make a significant impact on your monthly bill.

This agreement with AT&T provides a 24 percent discount to both new and current AT&T customers. It can take 30 days for AT&T to complete their enrollment process, so sign up now. Access this discount through Dental Office Deals.*

Employee Benefit—As a Delta Dental participating dentist, if you enroll through Dental Office Deals for an AT&T discount code you can offer the same discount plan to your employees. Employees can receive a 24 percent discount for themselves and their family plan. The AT&T discount plan does not require the dental practice (the business) to actually use AT&T service. You can enroll just to extend AT&T benefits to your employees.

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Mission Point Resort—Mackinaw Island, Michigan

Travel Discounts (PPO only)

Experience a Mackinac Island, Michigan, getaway at Mission Point Resort with 35 percent or more off RACK rates from May through October. Discount rates vary by season and are subject to blackout dates. Enjoy breathtaking views, a bicycle ride around the island, four on-site restaurants, executive putting course, outdoor swimming pool and hot tubs, full-service health club, movie theatre and more! For more details about this offer, click here

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Online Information Products (All)

Delta Dental participating dentists are eligible for a 60-day free trial (online) access to these Lexi-Comp, Inc., information products:

  1. Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry
  2. Drug Images with Manufacturer Data
  3. Interaction Data and Analysis
  4. Web Search Capability
  5. Patient Information Leaflets
After the 60-day free trial period, you can opt to continue the service at the discounted fee of $30 per year. Other valuable dental information products are also available. Access this discount through Dental Office Deals.*

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Sterilizer Monitoring (All)

Steri Check Systems, Inc., is offering participating Delta Dental dentists an excellent discount on regular spore tests to verify the adequacy of sterilization cycles for most types of sterilizers. You select your preferred cycle, from monthly to weekly, and receive a certificate of compliance. For more information, call Steri Check Systems at 800-67-STERI and tell them you are participating with Delta Dental. Access this discount through Dental Office Deals.*

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Emergency Medical Kits and Supplies (All)

A leader in providing healthcare emergency items, Healthfirst Corporation gives a 15 percent discount off the regular price of its line of emergency kits and 10 percent off its other products to dentists participating with Delta Dental. For more information, call 800-331-1984 or go to Access this discount through Dental Office Deals.*

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Sonicare Products (All)

Participating Delta Dental dentists can receive up to $8 off the Sonicare Direct price for select Philips Sonicare toothbrushes and accessories. Products eligible for special pricing include the Sonicare AirFloss, Sonicare DiamondClean, Sonicare FlexCare Platinum or FlexCare Platinum with UV Sanitizer, EasyClean, Sonicare for Kids and replacement brush heads. Read more about this offer and product features in the Sonicare discount flyer. Access this discount through Dental Office Deals.*

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Office Supplies and Printing Services (All)

Dentists who choose to take advantage of this value-added service will be able to access special pricing online as well as at any OfficeMax retail location. The savings also extend to OfficeMax ImPressTM services like digital printing, binding and finishing services, posters, banners, signs, business cards and stationery. And as a special bonus, all online orders will receive free shipping on top of great savings! For more information and to start saving, download the OfficeMax Solutions PDF reference guide.

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*To access Dental Office Deals, you will need to log into your account on Delta Dental Plans Association's website.

NOTE: These discount programs and promotions are provided as a courtesy to participating dentists. Delta Dental is not affiliated with or sponsored or endorsed by the companies providing discounts or their products, and does not make any representations, provide any warranties, or assume any liability or responsibility relating to the use of such products and services. All discount programs and promotions are strictly optional. Offers are subject to change.