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Voluntary Enrollment Programs

Because Delta Dental knows that groups and enrollees have different financial needs, we offer high quality dental benefit plans at no cost to the groups. Delta Dental’s voluntary plan designs offer long-term rate stability, so enrollees can be covered by the same dental carrier for many years to come.


Delta Dental has a benefit plan to fit the needs of group members, including managed fee-for-service.

Easy Administration

Once the Delta Dental plan is in place, administration is easy. We’ll provide a monthly bill. Groups submit eligibility information, collect subscriber payments through payroll deduction and remit payments to Delta Dental. We do the rest!

Because the benefit plan can be funded through IRS Section 125, group members can pay the costs on a pretax basis, making our voluntary program even more attractive.

Ready for More Information?

Contact Delta Dental of Indiana’s sales department at 800-382-5404 today. We look forward to hearing from you!