Direct Deposit

Direct deposit dentist iconGet paid faster!

Enroll in direct deposit, and Delta Dental will send claim payments electronically to your designated bank account. Payments often can be in your bank account in as little as 48 hours. Direct deposit is a free service only available to participating dentists.

Sign up for National Electronic Funds Transfer/Electronic Remittance Advice (EFT/ERA) with Delta Dental and receive direct deposit payments from Delta Dental member companies nationwide!

To enroll: Log in to Dental Office Toolkit® (DOT) and simply follow the direct deposit link. (If you're not currently a DOT user, just complete a short registration to set up your account.) Direct deposit account activation will typically take seven days from registration.

By selecting National EFT as your direct deposit payment method, other Delta Dental plans will begin to use the information on file and generate EFT payments for claims paid.

Providers who participate in National EFT/ERA will have access within their DOT account to view EFTs and Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) for Delta Dental plans in Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee. To view that information for federal government programs (FGP), providers should log in to their FGP DOT account.

For claims filed with other Delta Dental member companies, you can create an account or log in to your account at Once logged in, click on “Check National ERA,” and you will have the ability to choose the correct Delta Dental plan to view your EOB/ERA from a state Delta Dental not listed above.

Delta Dental’s National EFT and ERA FAQs:

Can I opt in for National EFT and ERA only with a few Delta Dental member companies?

No. You can either opt in at the local level or the national level, not with selected individual member companies. Delta Dental’s National EFT and ERA solution is designed to offer single enrollment for all Delta Dental member companies so that you do not have to enroll with each member company separately. You will then have access to all ERAs via the Delta Dental National Portal ( instead of going to each member company’s website to access them.

Is my banking data secure?

Yes, your banking information is secure and is a top priority for Delta Dental and all its member companies. The strongest available encryption protects all customer data transmitted over the internet. DentalXChange servers have been certified by authentication leader Thawte as secured utilized TLS protocols, which is the strongest available encryption for the internet.

How will I know payment is posted to my account and the ERA is available?

You will receive a notification from the Delta Dental member company or vendor that processed your claims and submitted payment for direct deposit. You may also log in to the Delta Dental national website to see any recent activity.

Can I have more than one bank account set up for EFT payment?

No. Delta Dental’s national solution only allows payment to a single bank account from all Delta Dental member companies.

After enrollment, how long will it take for my EFT/ERA to process once I submit a claim?

The processing time remains the same based on how each of our member companies process claims. But with EFT/ERA, your payments will be deposited directly into your designated bank account, and the ERA will be available online within three days. With electronic delivery, you no longer have to worry about checks getting lost in the mail. Funds are posted directly to your account without the hassle of going to the bank to deposit your checks.

How will I get my ERA if one of the out-of-state member companies is not yet participating in the Delta Dental National EFT and ERA?

For claims submitted to a member company that’s not yet on the new ERA platform, payments and ERA will be processed as they are currently. If you’re enrolled with the member company for EFT/ERA then you will be paid via direct deposit and will have to access the ERA from that member company’s site or vendor. Until they participate in the National EFT/ERA, your ERAs for nonparticipating member companies will NOT be available on Please contact your member company to determine when they are expected to participate in the National EFT and ERA.

I am currently enrolled with other member companies to receive EFT payments. What is changing?

We made it easier to obtain all your Delta Dental ERAs. Plus, you will only need to communicate any changes in your banking information with your local member company.