Be Smile Smart

Be Smile Smart

Your smile is the first thing others notice about you!

When it comes to your mouth, the choices you make as a teenager are more important than you think. Taking care of your mouth now will give you a beautiful smile today and in the future. Read up on these facts and tips to bring your oral health A-game, then download the entire Smile Smart brochure for more information about healthy teen smiles.

Think twice when it comes to:

  • Drink choices. Drinks like pop, sports drinks, energy drinks and juice are all loaded with sugar. Unless you want a mouth full of cavities, load up on water when you’re thirsty.
  • Oral piercings. They may seem cool, but piercings in and around your mouth can make it hard to talk, chew and swallow. You can even lose your sense of taste and drool excessively. Plus, infections are common and can even be life threatening.
  • Eating habits. We all know candy is bad for our teeth, but other foods like bread and breakfast cereals stick to our teeth and can damage them. Also, remember that eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and binge eating can damage teeth. If you are battling an eating disorder, reach out and seek help—maybe start with talking to an adult you trust.
  • Drugs. Don't even think about trying illegal drugs. They destroy your body, mind and teeth. You don't want to know what "meth mouth" looks like.
  • Tobacco. Surely oral cancer isn’t on the list of things you want in life. Almost 90 percent of people who have oral cancer have used tobacco. All products put you at risk—cigarettes, pipe tobacco, smokeless tobacco and cigars.


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