Medicare Advantage Plans

retiree at dentist

Don't forget dental in retirement!

You've worked hard. Maintaining dental benefits can help you spend less time dealing with dental issues and more time enjoying retirement.

Get the facts: 

Traditional Medicare plans don't include dental benefits. This means you may pay more out of pocket for important dental procedures.

Traditional Medicare Medicare Advantage

Includes Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance).

You may join a separate Part D (drug coverage).

Known as Part C.

Medicare Advantage plans are an all-in-one plan that include Part A, Part B and usually Part D.

Medicare Advantage plans offer extra benefits that traditional Medicare plans don't cover, like vision, hearing and dental.

Good news! Delta Dental partners with Medicare Advantage plans to provide great dental benefits options.

Explore which Medicare Advantage plans Delta Dental participates in by following the links below.

Ask your Medicare Advantage plan or broker which plans include Delta Dental dental coverage.

Did you know?

The risk of gum disease is higher among older adults. Nearly 70 percent of adults ages 65 and older have gum disease.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Facts About Older Adult Oral Health," web.