Our Network Is Better

Delta Dental network facts

Delta Dental features the largest dental network in the country. Three out of four dentists throughout the United States participate in one or more of our programs.

  • The Delta Dental PPOTM network has more than 112,800 dentists practicing in more than 286,200 dentist locations.*
  • The Delta Dental Premier® network has more than 156,200 dentists practicing in more than 349,200 dentist locations.*

Delta Dental of Indiana also has the largest dental networks in Indiana.

  • In Indiana alone, 81 percent of practicing dentists participate with Delta Dental. In total, more than 2,500 Indiana dentists participate in Delta Dental Premier. 

For more information on Delta Dental’s national networks, visit www.deltadental.com.
*Delta Dental Plans Association, September 2019.