Member PPE Charges

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Can my dentist charge me for PPE?

To help protect themselves and their patients, dentists and staff are wearing more personal protection equipment (PPE) during appointments. This includes masks, face shields, gowns and gloves. The cost of these items has increased with demand, and as a result, some dentists are asking their patients to pay a separate charge for PPE.

However, Delta Dental participating dentists cannot charge you separately for PPE. Per their participation agreement, the cost of PPE is included in the cost of the dental service.

Protecting you from additional charges and fees is just one advantage of staying in network. If your dentist is out-of-network and they charge you for PPE, you are responsible for that cost.

What do I do if my dental office says I have to pay a PPE charge?
If they are in the Delta Dental network, remind them that they cannot charge you separately for PPE.

What if I already paid a PPE charge to my dentist?
If your dentist is in-network and billed you for the cost of PPE, you can submit a balance billing complaint to Delta Dental for follow up. Complaints should include the member name and phone number, date of treatment, dental office name and phone number, and the fee charge. Send complaints to Delta Dental, Attention: Balance Billing, PO Box 9230, Farmington Hills, MI 48333-9230.

What are you doing to help dental offices with the increased cost of PPE?
We understand the financial hardship the pandemic has placed on dentists and practices. That’s why we are offering any practicing, licensed dentist in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana a $1,000 credit to a dental supply distributor. This credit may be used to purchase PPE.